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Permanent Jewelry FAQ

Permanent so I am stuck with it?

No you are not stuck with it, permanent jewelry uses a jump ring that is welded together instead of a clasp. BUT you can cut it off if you need or want to using nail clippers or scissors.
Does the welding process hurt? 

NO! For your protection we place a leather patch inbetween your skin and the jewelry before we weld.

What if I need or want to remove the jewelry? Can you put it back on?

Yes, if you need to remove your jewelry for any reason simply cut it off with scissors. To remove, cut the ring that holds the chain together. Re-welds cost $10.

How long does it last?

Your permanent jewelry can last weeks, months, years - as long as you want!
Keep in mind, while bonded Permanent Jewelry is meant for everyday wear, it is still fine jewelry and not invincible.

“I usually don’t sleep in jewelry, but I want to try it.”

Now if you truly cannot sleep in

jewelry, permanent jewelry may not be for you, BUT many of our chains are very dainty and light that most of our customers say they can’t even feel it.

Do I have to wait for a Pop Up or Event to get it done?

No we take appointments in the salon, use our Booking Link to book an appointment.

How long is an appointment?

Appointments usually take 15 minutes

Do you do private parties?

We do! You can fill out a host inquiry to plan a party.

What if the chain breaks or strecthes?

We choose delicate chains for their minimalist appearance and ease for everyday wear. Though they are considered permanent in that you cannot take them off, they are still delicate pieces of jewelry that can break with wear. Should your bracelet get caught on something and break or stretch we will do our best to repair it for you. 

Will I have any trouble with airport security?

Nope! TSA doesn’t ask you to remove fine jewelry when going through security. Your permanent jewelry will travel with you worldwide!

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