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Introducing the Heart Behind Ellvia Beauty: Our Journey to Empowerment and Confidence

Welcome to our very first blog post on "Beauty Chats: From Coffee to Champagne"! We're Nikki and Katie, the passionate duo behind Ellvia Beauty.

In this cozy corner of the internet, we'll explore everything from daily beauty tips to the glitz and glam of bridal makeup, all while sprinkling in some sparkling insights into permanent jewelry. But before we dive into all that glitters, let's introduce ourselves and share the path that led us here.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, our paths were uniquely different yet beautifully intertwined by a common love for beauty, art, and empowering others. Our tale is more than just a business partnership; it's about two souls who found themselves and each other in the pursuit of making people feel their absolute best.

In the image, we can see two women Nikki and Katie of Ellvia beauty seated on chairs, each holding a bridal magazine in front of their faces, with the front covers visible to the viewer.   They are holding St. Louis Bride magazines, that cover their faces completely, meaning we cannot see their expressions, but the pose seems playful and indicative of their interest in weddings. The picture captures a moment of shared interest, reflecting their professional engagement with the bridal industry.
Peek behind the gloss with Beauty Chats: Coffee to Champagne

From a Spark to a Flame

Katie dove into the beauty industry headfirst after a life-changing experience doing makeup for a bridesmaid with facial scarring. The sheer joy and newfound confidence her work brought to that woman ignited a flame in her – she knew she was born to uplift others. This passion led her to conquer the worlds of photography, makeup, and eventually, weddings. The intimate, joyful moments of wedding preparations fueled her love for the job, guiding her towards a career that not only celebrated beauty but cherished personal connections.

Nikki, initially embarked on a path to teaching, discovered her true calling lay in the art of cosmetology. The joy of seeing a bride beam with confidence and happiness through her work was unparalleled. Her profound love for wedding hair and makeup, combined with the magical feeling of togetherness during wedding preparations, drove her into the beauty industry with a mission to make people feel beautiful, loved, and confident.

Ellvia Beauty: Born from Passion and Purpose

Our paths crossed in 2013, but it took until 2023 for us to see that we shared a vision and Ellvia Beauty was born – a testament to our shared belief in the transformative power of beauty. We wanted to create a space that wasn't just about hair and makeup but a sanctuary where every individual could feel celebrated, empowered, and confident.

We are more than just co-owners; we are storytellers, believers in the power of beauty to transform and uplift. Through Ellvia Beauty, we've had the privilege of being a small part of your biggest moments, witnessing the transformation of our clients not just on the outside but radiating from within.

Ellvia Beauty stands for empowerment, confidence, and the magic that happens when we feel truly beautiful. It's our way of giving back, sharing our talents, and making the world a brighter, more beautiful place, one confident smile at a time.

What Lies Ahead

We're excited to share this space with you, offering insights into beauty, sharing tips and tricks, and celebrating the moments that make life so incredibly vibrant. "Beauty Chats: From Coffee to Champagne" isn't just about beauty; it's about life's moments, from the everyday to the extraordinary, and everything in between.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Here's to a future filled with beauty, confidence, and countless reasons to celebrate ourselves and each other.

☕✨🥂 where beauty conversations flow.

Sip, Sparkle, Chat,

Nikki & Katie


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