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Meet Katie, the Heart and Soul Behind the Brush

At the core of our dynamic duo is Katie, who started her journey into the world of beauty in 2007, embarking on her cosmetology studies at the young age of 20. Before her dive into the beauty industry, Katie honed her skills in empathy and hard work while working in food service at St. Anthony’s Hospital. From styling her dolls' hair as a child to transforming her friends' looks in her teenage years, Katie's love for hair and makeup has long been a part of her life. However, it was beauty school that truly ignited her passion for makeup.

Katie in Cosmetology School in 2007

A defining moment for Katie came during her time in beauty school. She had the privilege of doing makeup for a bridesmaid who had scarring from an injury. The transformation was not just physical; it was emotional and profound. Witnessing her client's newly found confidence and joy was a turning point for Katie. It was then that she knew her calling was in the wedding industry, fulfilling her desire to help people feel their best during the most special moments of their lives.

Weddings would become her universe—a place where she could wield her brush to not only enhance the outer beauty but to kindle the inner light that shines in each of her clients. For Katie, the true allure of the wedding hair and makeup business lies in the kaleidoscope of emotions that envelop a wedding day. The love, the joy, the dances of laughter and tears, and the weaving of memories among the wedding party, create an atmosphere so fulfilling, so honoring, that for Katie, there is no greater privilege than being a part of someone’s special day.

What drives Katie is not just her love for creativity and artistry but also the profound satisfaction of making people feel beautiful and confident. The flexibility of the beauty industry was another draw, allowing her the chance to balance her passion with the dream of a family. But above all, it's the infectious atmosphere of love, joy, and laughter on wedding days that brings her the most happiness.

Katie as a newer stylist doing makeup for a wedding.

Katie in 2024 working her makeup magic.

Stay tuned for more insights into our journey, including our path to co-founding our hair, makeup, and permanent jewelry business in St. Louis. We can't wait to share our passion for beauty with you, showing you how you can shine from your daily coffee run to the most exquisite champagne toasts of your life.

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